Relationship Counseling

  • Master communication with your husband or boyfriend
  • Learn to balance your work, relationship and/or family life
  • Create an easier, more loving and satisfying relationship
  • Discover how to forgive in your relationship
  • Discover better ways to deal with relationship conflict

Relationship Counseling for Single or Single Again Women 

  • Clear up past issues and negative relationship patterns that hold you back from relationship success
  • Heal from painful breakups or divorces, or gain peace with being alone again
  • Upgrade your dating strategies, and attract the right man for you


  • Feel comfortable in your own skin by increasing confidence and self respect
  • Raise your self-worth and silence your annoying self-critic
  • Avert self-sabotaging behaviors and replace them with positive ones that will bring you more fulfillment and happiness

Assertiveness Counseling

  • Manage anger without “stuffing it” or exploding
  • Express your needs without resorting to resentment, sarcasm, criticism or rage
  • Stop isolation and develop fulfilling relationships

Anxiety Counseling 

  • Manage stress, tension and worry effectively
  • Overcome irrational fears and stop obsessing about what might go wrong
  • Live more in the present, and enjoy deeper, more restful sleep
  • Become more comfortable in social situations

Addiction Counseling 

  • Struggling with the effects of drinking or drugs
  • Unhealthy emotional eating habits (over or under eating)
  • Think you might have an Internet pornography addiction

Family Coaching

  • Combat family stress and establish a better balance with your personal life and family life
  • Handle difficult situations with kids at the different stages of development
  • Handle work/family conflicts that arise

Depression Counseling

  • Develop strategies for decreasing and coping with depression
  • Transform the root issues of your depression, and reclaim your life again
  • Feel more satisfied in social and intimate relationships
  • Feel happier and more at peace with yourself
  • Have more optimism about your future