• Communicate your needs to your partner in a healthy way and become a better listener

  • Identify and give up harmful patterns of fighting and put an end to attacking each other with harsh words

  • Face conflict head on and resolve it; Quit avoiding or withdrawing, or just resorting to “not talking” about it

  • Prevent breakup or divorce by having the skills to communicate and stay connected to one another

Regain Trust After an Affair

  • Recover from the hurt, anger and other difficult feelings left from your partner’s sexual or emotional affair; or, resolve feelings of guilt and regret after having an affair

  • Grow to feel safe and secure with your partner again

Spark Up Your Sex Life

  • Feel connected in and out of the bedroom

  • Overcome pornography addiction and the damage it has caused to you and your partner, which prevents real and satisfying sexual contact between the two of you

  • Discover how to talk about sex and get your needs met, without compromising your partner’s needs

  • Enjoy more sexual satisfaction together with your partner

  • Deal with the deeper marriage or relationship problems that create sexual problems and disconnection

Premarital Counseling

  • Develop tools to start out in a strong, fulfilling marriage

  • Locate hazards and traps to potential marriage problems now, or down the road

  • Discover what healthy couples do to stay happy and committed through the years

Relationship Assessment

  • Complete professional assessments to identify unique qualities of your relationship and each individual in the relationship to having a thriving relationship