Now offering Coaching Groups

Authentic Men’s Group (AMG) is an opportunity for men to be real so they can get what they really want.  It is where men talk about success or failure, sex, or lack thereof, and significance, even if it seems evasive. AMG is a movement that is passionate about all men living their lives to the fullest potential. We are now offering groups in Hendersonville and in the greater Nashville areas.


Now offering online Counseling

By demand, we are now offering convenient and secure online counseling.  You can now connect with a professional counselor face to face through a secure online video platform on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Online Counseling is secure, convenient, efficient and helps you to save money.



We exist so you can thrive!

We know that life can be difficult. That's why we exist. To provide you with the environment to thrive personally, in relationships and in our community.  We provide professional and caring counseling to help overcome any obstacle that is preventing you from thriving. We also provide inspirational coaching for those that desire to thrive.



Many men are settling in life.  We have too many Nice Guys and very few Authentic Men who are leading their personal life, relationships, family and community. Are you thriving as a man?  if not, we can help.  


More then ever, we need to see healthy relationships in our community. Horn Counseling can help you and your partner gain the skills that you need to grow together.  Is your relationship thriving?  if not, we can help. 


Most women think they have to settle for a life of efficiency and duty.  Striving to be the women they "ought" to be.  Often feeling as though they have failed.  Are you thriving as a woman?  if not, we can help.